::HanD-MaDe Quotes::

"If One day,we had hold on that,don't ever let it go''

''Size doesn't matter but shape is important''

''Its better late than  absent''

''Excitement is a payment of happiness''

''Kejar,kejar Tapi jangan sampai dikejar''

''Tali gasing,tali rapia,jadi orang asing itu sebaik rupa''

''Willing to do or force to do,nevermind.Just do it''

''Trying or crying if had a problem,then choose trying''

''Princple like a principal that control all the soul''

''Cahaya Allah sudah cukup terang sebagai penunjuk jalan cuma kebanyakan manusia itu buta''

''Do you always online on Facebook? Yes
 Do you always read this book(Al-Quran)? No
 Then,which one do you think will accompany you when you are die?!!
 Think abou it..''
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